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Paradocx Vineyard

Southern Chester County’s Paradocx Vineyard, has announced plans to expand a new location at Booth’s Corner Farmers Market in Garnet Valley, Pa, to include a welcoming Wine Shop and local fresh produce. The new “PDX Wine Shop” will feature locally crafted premium wines, featuring bottled varietal wines, T wine, and wines in our famous Paint Can.
“With the expansion opening of Booth’s Corner location, we are excited to now be able to offer a unique setting where guests can enjoy our locally crafted premium wines, featuring bottled varietal wines, T wine, and wines in our Famous Paint Can.” said David Hoffman, Co-owner and Head Winemaker, Paradocx Vineyard.
Paradocx Vineyard features over 20 varieties of wine, produced by their family-friendly, locally crafted, all-american winery, which sits on 100-acres of land in Landenberg, PA. Five varieties of Paradocx wine are packaged in the now “famous paint cans” a unique wine packaging system developed and patented by Paradocx Vineyard. These innovative paint cans have a push button spout, and each includes four and a half standard size bottles of wine (3.5 Liters). These are produced in addition to Paradocx Vineyard’s premium bottled wines.
“The unique thing about Paradocx Vineyard, is that we offer high-quality, estate made, locally crafted, All-American wine, and we do so without the pretense.” said Hoffman. “The owners, all doctors, work in the fields and the winery, and have created three unique venues where customers can experience the fun, welcoming, laid-back setting in which to enjoy their wines”
About Paradocx Vineyard
Paradocx Vineyard, a 5,000 case winery, combines current technology and handcrafted secrets to create unique wines, made from homegrown grapes, and from those of only selected custom growers. Paradocx’s home vineyard, nestled among the rolling hills of southern Chester County, Pennsylvania, comprises vinifera and premium hybrid wine grapes and encompasses 100 acres of land, 30 of which are under vine. 27 acres are now Four tasting facilities which offer up to 20 wine varieties.
Paradocx Vineyard is owned and operated by the Hoffman and Harris families. The name of the winery is a play on words, as the four principles are practicing physicians ( Pair of Docs ). In addition to a full time staff, members of both families and committed friends tend to making the winery a successful venture. Paradocx Vineyard is a member of the popular Brandywine Valley Wine Trail.
For more information about Paradocx Vineyard, including directions and operating hours please visit www.paradocx.com or call 610-255-5684


Contact Info

Owner: Dave Hoffman
Phone: 610-255-5684