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Kapow Kitchen

 Kapow Kitchen is the next evolution in quick-service restaurants. In response to the on-the-go lifestyles many of us lead, Kapow Kitchen brings gourmet, asian cuisine to consumers in a to-go format, proving it’s the fresh ingredient, flavorful alternative to traditional over-processed, fast-food restaurants.

At Kapow Kitchen, we believe relying on fresh, natural ingredients allows us to prepare healthy, flavorful food, with a side of great service. Our menu is comprised of flavors from Chef Wit’s home country of Thailand, as well as broader Southeast Asian influences. We like to experiment with traditional Thai recipes, serving innovative dishes, with a Southeast Asian twist. Whether it’s a visit to the Kapow Kitchen at Booth’s Corner Famers Market, or a quick bite at our Kapow Food Truck, try our unique take on quick-service Asian cuisine.

As a husband and wife team, we bring a combined ten years of hospitality experience to Kapow. Chef Wit, also known as the Thai Guy of Delaware, has spent the majority of his career in family restaurants, with Kapow Food Truck and Kapow Kitchen his latest ventures. Chef Wit’s wife Jody, a former small business owner, brings her entrepreneurship and marketing skills to the table making sure Delaware locals know where to find the truck and what news dishes are available. Together, we combine our experience and passion for building a sustainable company with our natural desires to make people happy. Stop by and let us get to know you!

The Kapow Food Truck has been serving Wilmington residents since 2014 and is the only food truck in Delaware listed by Zagat, easily outpacing other food truck competitors. Come visit our newest location, Kapow Kitchen, at Booth’s Corner Farmers Market, located in the lower level, entrance 22 and get ready to, “chow down with Kapow again!”
Here at Kapow Kitchen, we pack more flavor, fresher ingredients, and great service. We believe preparing the best ingredients in a natural and healthy way brings out exceptional flavor in all our dishes. Our menu includes flavors from Chef’s hometown of Thailand and Southeast Asia. We do our best to serve up innovative dishes from both our food truck and kitchen. Kapow Kitchen is located in the lower level entrance 22.
As a husband and wife team, we have a combined 10 years of hospitality experience. Chef, aka Thai Guy of DE,has spent most of his career in his family’s restaurants, most recently launching Kapow Food Truck in Wilmington, Delaware 2014. Quickly rising above their competitors and becoming the only food truck in Delaware listed by Zagat.

Jody, being a passed small business owner, brings all her entrepreneurship and marketing skills to the table. We’re applying our experience and our passion to build a sustainable company with a clear purpose and vision.
Beyond our experience, we both have a natural desire to make people happy and love getting to know folks. You’re important to us.

Get ready to “Chow down with Kapow again

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