1362 Naamans Creek Road

Garnet Valley, PA 19060

History of the Market

The Original Booth’s Corner Farmers Market was first opened by a farmer named Earl Phillips in the 1930’s. He used his 13 acre farm as a sales ground for local Amish farmers and other merchants looking for a friendly place to sell there goods. The original property was a huge open farmland with a large wooden barn. Times were tough in the 1930’s through the Great Depression but The Booth’s Corner Farmers Market prevailed.

As the years passed more sheds and buildings were added to the original barn. Booths Corner Farmers Market was growing and more merchants wanted to become part of the community that was quickly forming. People from across the county would soon knew the best place for farm fresh produce, poultry, and meats was Booths Corner.

Then, disaster. In 1973 the original barn and outbuildings were destroyed by a fire. The original building may have be destroyed but the market community was still alive and strong. Under the direction of current market owner Paul Cohen, the current market was built. Photo  taken by Donald Pyle

In 20XX the market outgrew itself again. The property next the market was purchased and an addition was added to allow for more merchants to join the market and for others to have more space. Over the years the market has seen many merchants but its values always stay the same.

Family is number one in our book. Come stop by the market office or almost any stand at the market, there all family run. Paul Cohen and his family still run the market and office. There are many Amish family’s that all work together in there stands and many of our other merchants are family owned as well. Family values are the base on what the market was built. Bring your family out to Booths Corner and experience a true community.